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8 Great Fall Recipes with Less Sugar!

Fall Recipes with Less Sugar

‘Tis autumn. I love it! The chill in the air is a reprieve from those steamy hot summer days that make my hair curl uncontrollably and the dog not wanting to go outside. Fall is a time for change, as demonstrated when dark green leaves turn an indescribably beautiful spectrum of orange, red and gold.

And the food! How could I forget all of the unforgettable foods associated with fall? Pumpkin pie. Apple dumplings. Hot chocolate. Although some people might make the argument that some of these fall foods are not as healthy and are more sugar-laden than what we consume in spring and summer months, I beg to differ!

With the use of SPLENDA® Sweetener Products, many of your favorite fall recipes can taste delicious and help you cut back on added sugar. 

How to Eat Less Added Sugar and Not Miss It

Eat Less Sugar

The sugar conversation has been a topic of interest for decades. And today, more than ever, many health-conscious consumers are trying to limit calories, especially those coming from added sugars, and learn to be more mindful when making eating choices.

The latest Dietary Guidelines for Americans have recently advised Americans to consume less added sugars. So we come to the point where we recognize that our added sugar intake might need some redirection, but we also don’t want to deprive ourselves of what we enjoy—because that’s not the point.

So how can we eat less sugar and not miss it?

Curious about Stevia Sweeteners? Useful Tips for Understanding the Many Benefits of Stevia

Benefits of Stevia

And, big news... the SPLENDA® Brand family of sweetener products has introduced SPLENDA® Naturals Stevia Sweetener* to the marketplace!

Despite concerns over the growing weight gain epidemic, most people still enjoy the sweet taste of treats but are not ready to give them up. Most people would also agree that if it weren’t for the calories we would definitely enjoy our favorite treats more.

That being said, many consumers enjoy lighter versions of their favorite sweet things by choosing products made with low-calorie sweeteners, to obtain a delicious sweet taste without adding a significant number of calories.

In recent years, stevia sweeteners have gained widespread popularity as a sugar alternative. 

Known for products with great sweet taste, SPLENDA® Brand has truly unlocked the sweetness of stevia with no bitter aftertaste – introducing SPLENDA® Naturals Stevia Sweetener with no calories, no added flavors, no added colors, and no artificial ingredients. By using a better-tasting extract from the stevia leaf, Rebaudioside D (Reb D), SPLENDA® Brand has found the perfect blend to capture the naturally sweet taste of stevia. 

What Are Artificial Sweeteners? The Go-To Guide

Artificial Sweeteners

The availability of different spices to season our food provides a useful analogy to help answer the question, “What are artificial sweeteners?”, since just as all spices are not the same, all artificial sweeteners are not the same, either. Artificial sweeteners (also known as sugar substitutes, low-calorie sweeteners, or high intensity sweeteners) come from different sources, have different sweetening powers compared to sugar and have different properties depending on what foods or beverages they are added to. Recognizing the different features of these sweeteners makes it much easier to understand what they are and how you can use them, which is also true for peppermint and paprika!