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Test Your Knowledge: Short & Sweet Healthy Eating Plan Quiz

healthy eating plan

Online quizzes seem to be all the rage. They range from nonsensical ones (e.g., “What type of animal are you?”) to quizzes that are more serious (“What’s your knowledge of European history?”).

Thus, the time appears to be right to offer up a quick nutrition quiz here at SPLENDA LIVING®. You will not be scored; rather the intent is to improve your knowledge of some tips for a healthy eating plan. So here we go! 

Transitioning Health-Minded Menus from Summer to Fall

Healthy Relationship with Food

Just as you shift your wardrobe from dresses and shorts to cardigans and pants, recipes also go through a transition to the flavors and colors of fall. I always get questions from my clients about what they should be eating in the fall, and especially about how to start preparing for upcoming holidays (I’m looking at you Halloween!). I always reinforce that you’ll be ready for any season, or any occasion for that matter, if you have a healthy relationship with food.

What is a Healthy Relationship with Food?

A healthy relationship with food is different than a healthy diet; it doesn’t refer to what we eat. Rather, it refers to how we eat and more than that, how we think about eating. Food, diet, and our bodies are such personal topics, and often, can be pretty emotional! You might get nervous thinking about the food at a social event or feel like there are foods you “shouldn’t” be eating. You might decide certain foods (or food groups) are “bad,” and eliminate them entirely. Regardless of how the behaviors might present themselves, each of these thoughts can add unnecessary stress, pressure, and negative connotations to something we do every day – eating.  

Are There Artificial Sweeteners Side Effects?

artificial sweeteners side effects

Many things in our lives are now easier thanks to the Internet. We can book our own flights for a vacation, check what the weather will be when we arrive and order new clothes before we leave. But finding good health advice online is not an easy task.

If you’ve ever tried to scour the Internet for the answer to a food or health question it’s more likely than not that you end up more confused and/or alarmed. With all of the differing answers out there and conflicting opinions, it's hard to know what to believe. This is especially true when it comes to misinformation about artificial sweeteners side effects (artificial sweeteners are commonly known as “sugar substitutes” or what I call “low-calorie sweeteners”).

Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus – “Why Can’t I Budge My Scale?”

weight loss plateau

Have you lived this movie time and again?

Over the last two months you’ve enthusiastically taken steps to live a healthier lifestyle or, as you may put it, follow a diet. You’re tackling a host of action steps that might include some of the following:

  • diet soda, unsweetened iced tea or sparkling water and no sugar-sweetened beverages
  • more vegetables, including salads
  • fruit for a snack instead of chips, candy or cookies
  • dinner at home more often
  • portions of meats and starches to eat just-right portions
  • no fried foods, sweets and desserts most of the time

And you’re topping these changes off with a daily walking plan. Your goal is 10,000 steps a day. You start most weekdays with a mile or so alongside your neighbor who’s also trying to trim down.

Until recently your efforts have been paying off! You’ve lost about one pound a week. Great progress!

But, you’ve recently hit a weight loss plateau....