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Feeling Full Longer is a Win-Win for Weight Management

Feeling Full for Longer

Have you ever eaten a large meal that was heavy on carbs but low in fiber, fat and protein? Even though you consumed a lot of calories, do you remember feeling hungry just a short while after that meal?

Achieving satiety, aka a feeling of fullness after eating, is critical for staying on track with a healthy weight management plan. If your meals or snacks leave you feeling unsatisfied or hungry shortly afterward, you will be more likely to add unnecessary calories to your diet – which can be a major reason why you have difficulty achieving or maintaining a healthier weight.

If you are able to achieve satiety with each meal or snack you eat, you can focus more on enjoying the foods, feeling full and satisfied for several hours, and avoiding overindulgence. Here are some tips to help you achieve satiety – and thereby maintain a healthy eating plan.


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