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Meet Robyn Flipse

Robyn Flipse , MS, MA, RDN
“After earning my undergrad and master’s degrees in human nutrition to answer people's questions about "what" they should eat, I then obtained my master's degree in cultural anthropology to better understand "why" people eat what they do. I’ve been exploring that world, and how it impacts our beliefs and behavior, ever since. What motivates me when blogging as The Everyday RD is the opportunity to help people make the best eating decisions for their everyday diet. Whether filling a shopping cart or ordering off a menu, deciding what to eat should not be a daily battle. My blogs will separate the facts from the fiction about food and nutrition so you can enjoy eating again. That’s because I know it’s not about finding the one diet that’s right for everyone. It’s about finding the one that’s right for you.”

As a registered dietitian, Robyn Flipse has headed the nutrition services department in a large teaching hospital and maintained a private practice where she provided diet therapy to individuals and families. She continued to spread the word about eating right when she taught nutrition courses at three New Jersey colleges and wrote The Wedding Dress Diet (Random House, 2000) and Fighting the Freshman Fifteen (Three Rivers Press, 2002). Working as a nutrition consultant for over 30 years has allowed her to reach an even bigger audience, writing magazine and newsletter articles and serving as a media spokesperson for numerous food and beverage companies.
Robyn lives on the Jersey shore where she takes daily meditative walks along the Atlantic and tends to her organic vegetable and herb gardens. She is a member of the Nutrition Blog Network.