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Meet Sue Taylor

Sue Taylor , MS
“Ever since I can remember, watching my stay-at-home mother work her magic in the kitchen was such a delight. Everything was made from scratch, with many of the ingredients coming from our garden. My interest in food, and subsequently nutrition, eventually led me to obtain undergraduate and graduate degrees at two major Midwestern universities (Ohio State and University of Wisconsin-Madison). To this day, the same strong interest that gave me joy working side by side with my mother in her kitchen brings me to share my nutrition knowledge, along with my fondness for good food, on this blog.”

Sue Taylor is an author, consulting nutritionist, and the owner of her own communications consulting firm. As a former registered dietitian, for more than 35 years she provided consulting services for food industry clients, developing educational materials on food and nutrition with regard to menu and recipe planning, consumer communications, and public relations. In addition to her nutrition knowledge, Sue has unique expertise in the area of family and consumer sciences.
Sue began her dedication to food science when she was inducted her senior year in college in Omicron Nu, the National Honor Society for excellence in family/consumer science. She also has worked on various projects for the Wisconsin Department of Public Education/Foodservice and supported the Wisconsin potato industry by helping plan and implement product promotion activities.