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Debunk the Junk Science

Debunk the Junk

August 14, 2017

How We Debunk the Junk: Using Science + Humor to Address Myths about Sucralose

Healthcare practitioners, like myself, turn to evidence-based scientific research for philosophies and viewpoints. There are many different kinds of research studies on low-calorie sweeteners; however, the type and design of these studies, and what research question is being asked, can drastically change what findings mean and how they should be interpreted.

At the SPLENDA® Brand, we point to the more than 100 studies that support the safety of sucralose and the fact that it has been approved by global regulatory bodies (such as the FDA, Health Canada and the European Food Safety Authority) in over 80 countries.

Additionally, independent health authorities, including the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society support the use of SPLENDA® Sweeteners as part of a healthy diet.

Despite this overwhelming body of evidence, there is misinformation about sucralose often attributed to research that uses unconventional or poorly designed methods, draws conclusions that don’t match the research question or are erroneously drawn. At the SPLENDA® Brand, we call this junk science.

#DebunktheJunk SPLENDA® ecard - Trust Issues

SPLENDA® Brand is introducing new myth-busting content that “debunks” this junk science, using humor to address poorly-drawn conclusions, click bait headlines, and shaky science communications.

We understand how seeing “myths” associated with SPLENDA® becomes challenging to navigate. Junk science undermines our commitment to good science principles and the ability for our consumers to believe and trust they are using the highest quality products.

That’s why a key component of this initiative is arming fans of SPLENDA® with the tools and resources, like this guide to evaluating scientific studies, that enable everyone to take an active role in identifying and questioning junk science and advocate for the practice of science rooted in accuracy.

SPLENDA® ecard - Trust Issues 2Working with two content creators - Yvette d'Entremont, a scientist also known as SciBabe and the parody ecard platform Someecards, we at SPLENDA® Brand will be introducing digital and social content with one goal: to empower fans of the SPLENDA® Brand to take an active role in busting myths about sucralose. We also created a unique hashtag to help you identify this content on social media: #DebunktheJunk. The content will be available beginning today at and on It will continue to be released in the months to come so be sure to stay tuned for additional information and resources that help you debunk junk science! 

SPLENDA® ecard - Debunk the Junk ScienceThese content partners were specifically selected because they have expertise in translating what can often be complicated concepts into understandable, relatable terms, and they are supporters of the brand’s passion for discerning good science from junk science. Additionally, they are SPLENDA® Brand fans.

About the Partnerships:

Someecards is known for creating some of the most iconic and shareable content on the web, including "ecards" which parody the traditional greeting card industry. For Debunk the Junk, they will be creating funny and easily relatable ecards that highlight misrepresentations and misinformation about SPLENDA® products.

SomeecardsDuncan Mitchell, CEO of Someecards
“We’re excited for this collaboration and the impact our content will have as it debunks myths in support of good science and the safety of sucralose. Our staff loves SPLENDA®, so it’s great to see that Someecards can play a role in delivering this important information to consumers in a humorous way.”

Yvette d'Entremont, aka SciBabe
SciBabeYvette d'Entremont busts pseudoscience and myths by using a combination of her extensive science knowledge and an edgy comedic style. Through her SciBabe platform, she takes pride in identifying good science, and poking holes in anything that is not. She will be creating original myth debunking content to help fans get to the bottom of the misinformation around sucralose.

“I am so thrilled to be part of this movement that adds a little punch to communicating good science without sacrificing its integrity. Consumers deserve to know the truth that's often shadowed by clickbait, but I've found humor helps make science more accessible. So let's have a giggle and learn something together. Come with an open mind, I'll bring the science. And some dirty jokes."

August 14, 2017  |  POSTED BY: Maureen Conway, MBA, MA, RD, LDN  |  IN: Debunk the Junk Science


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