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Facts about Splenda® Brand Sweetener (sucralose)

Fact vs. Fiction: Sucralose Dangers and Side Effects

May 19, 2014

I have been compensated for my time by McNeil Nutritionals, LLC, the maker of SPLENDA® Sweetener Products. All statements and opinions are my own. I have pledged to Blog With Integrity, asserting that the trust of my readers and the blogging community is vitally important to me.

We’ve all been told at one time or another that there’s no such thing as a silly question. If you’re a parent or a teacher you’ve probably even made that remark yourself. Asking for more information when you don’t understand something is the key to learning.

I have to keep this truism in mind whenever I am asked about the safety of low-calorie sweeteners, such as sucralose (the no-calorie sweetener used, for example, in SPLENDA® Sweetener products). That’s because to me, the answer is simple. I know that low-calorie sweeteners are among the most thoroughly tested, and continually tested, ingredients in the food supply, but everyone else doesn’t know this. And based on all of the available research, they are approved in the US by the FDA for people of all ages.

Since I still get questions from people about whether there are any dangers or side effects from using SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener (sucralose), I decided to answer them here for the benefit of all of my readers – especially those who may have thought it was a silly question to ask.

Does Sucralose Cause Digestive Problems?

Digestive problems such as bloating and gas are often due to undigested material passing through the gut, which is then fermented by the friendly bacteria residing there. This does not happen with sucralose, the sweetening ingredient in SPLENDA® Sweetener Products. Just as sucralose is not fermented by the bacteria in the mouth (so it does not contribute to tooth decay), it is not fermented by the bacteria in the gut either, so it won’t produce gas and bloating.

People who do experience discomfort after eating foods or drinks sweetened with sucralose are advised to check the food label to see if other ingredients might be the cause. Sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol and mannitol (which are not found in SPLENDA® Sweetener Products), can be a trigger if too much is eaten; the same applies to synthetic fibers, such as inulin and chicory root.

What Happens to Sucralose after It Enters Our Bodies?

Sucralose is water soluble and it does not accumulate in the body and is not broken down for energy - so it has no calories. About 85% of the sucralose we consume is excreted in our stool unchanged, while the remaining 15% is passively absorbed then excreted quickly in the urine. It is eliminated rapidly from the body with no tendency for increased plasma concentrations with continued consumption (or use). More on how the body processes sucralose:

How is Sucralose Used by the Body?

Sucralose is not metabolized for energy in mammals, so it provides us with no calories. It also is not recognized as a carbohydrate, so does not affect our blood glucose levels or insulin requirements. In studies where high doses were given to people with and without diabetes, it did not affect glucose control both when subjects were fasted or following a meal. And when given repeatedly over time, it did not raise A1C levels (a longer term measure of average blood glucose). The primary effect sucralose has on us is the experience of a sweet taste when we eat or drink something sweetened with it.

Enjoy SPLENDA® Sweeteners as Part of a Balanced Diet

Foods sweetened with sucralose can be a great addition to a balanced healthy diet. If you have a problem after eating or drinking something sweetened with it, it's important to not jump to conclusions. By taking a look at the entire situation you may realize something else is responsible for the way you feel. Maybe you ate too fast or had too much to eat and drink or didn’t have a well-balanced meal. Making some changes in your usual eating habits may be all that is needed to help you feel better.  

When people eat the right variety of foods in the right amounts to meet their nutritional needs, and get enough physical activity to maintain a healthy body weight, they tend to feel great! It all comes down to maintaining a healthy lifestyle so you can look and feel your best. Foods sweetened with sucralose are one tool to help you manage your calories from sugar, which might be an important tool for some of us on the road to better eating.

Robyn Flipse, MS, MA, RDN, “The Everyday RD,” is an author and nutrition consultant who has headed the nutrition services department in a large teaching hospital and maintained a private practice where she provided diet therapy to individuals and families. With more than 30 years of experience, Robyn is motivated by the opportunity to help people make the best eating decisions for their everyday diet. She believes that choosing what to eat should not be a daily battle and aims to separate the facts from the fiction so you can enjoy eating again.

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I make delicious, crunchy refrigerator dill pickles using Splenda, just substitute it in any pickle recipe. I don't have a vegetable garden,, and I have found it is easier to make three quarts of pickles and keep in the fridge using store bought cucumbers. I like using Kirby cucumbers but have recently been using the English seedless cucumbers from Sam's Club. They are cost effective and keep the crunchiness . They are especially good half cured artery only a few days in the fridge. Also, no need to use up fridge space with twenty four jars! I also shred zucchini or cucumbers and make a sugar free pickle relish using Splenda. It works well in any pickle recipe! I also make Vietnamese Ban Mi with daikon the same way, great on any sandwich and hot dogs! I enjoy testing new recipes using Splenda, my A1C was 6.2! One of the best things I make with Splenda is the three ingredient peanut butter cookies, one cup of peanut butter, one egg and one cup of Splenda. Mix and bake like a normal cookie. Low carbs and it tastes like a regular cookie.

. ..

i am 85+ yr old, and have been using Splenda since it's introduction in this area. I have type 2 diabetes and other assorted "old man ailments". I have controlled my glucose level to the point that I no longer need medication to achieve this. Splenda has been a big help to me in doing this, even to the point of sneaking a bite of dark chocolate now and then. my fasting Glucose level runs 80-90. To:Larry C,(June21,2014) Splenda in large bags equivalent to 5 lb of sugar is available in most major supermarkets for around $6.00. Some even carry store-brand product for slightly less.

Clair S.

I have found out that my uric acid has gone sky high, and I have been using Splenda since it came out on the market.. Does Splenda have any thing to do with raising a persons uric acid level? Thank you in advance. Clair Stampfli

Splenda S.

Great question, Clair! Safety is extremely important to us—and you can rest assured that SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener (sucralose) is safe and doesn’t have any side effects. You can feel confident about this because sucralose has been extensively researched in more than 110 studies conducted over a 20-year period, which have demonstrated its safety. If you have specific health-related questions, we always suggest speaking about them with your doctor. We hope this information help, and have a great day!

. ..

Wow your first comment of 2015 was truly the absolute opposite of my experience with SPLENDA. I have lost weight, stabilized my blood sugar (I have diabetes), lowered my A1c, at the same time as satisfying my sweet tooth. Say what you will but I am so pleased with SPLENDA that I purchase the largest size at our local warehouse store and make sure that I never run out. It is the best of both worlds - my diabetes and weight are stable without having to worry about sweetening tea,coffee or baked goods. I miss not having an occasional can of soda. The diet soft drinks currently on the market have a horrid aftertaste and those sweeteners do give me gastric disturbances. That is a lengthy list of ills attributed to Splenda. Is there any research or clinical trials that support such suppositions?

Anonymous S.

This is important for all people who use the sweetener, Splenda as it’s manufacturer makes claims that it is ‘made from real sugar’, which makes the consumer have a false sense of security in buying the product because it claims to be made from a natural product, but it also contains chlorine, which can lead to chlorine poisoning. I have to admit I was fooled myself, but, I am so very thankful for having the caring and concerned kids that I do as I would still be sitting in debilitating pain that has affected the quality of my life for over a year now. My kids have been ‘nagging’ me to stop using Splenda for quite some time because as they say, ‘ it is bad for you’. After hearing that one too many times, I decided to research what it does and what side effects it has on people. Unfortunately, I have experienced just about all of the side effects that others complain of and I never knew that Splenda could affect someone so negatively. Although, there is not a lot of conclusive evidence to back this up because there has not been enough research on this product, which is really scary, but there are a lot of people informally complaining about this product. The most common side effect of Splenda, is gastrointestinal, which can be constipation, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pains, intestinal cramps and gas. Weight gain is also a very common side effect of Splenda and many times it is particularly weight gain in the belly and increased craving for sweets and carbohydrates. Splenda also causes migraines, dry eyes, dry mouth, dementia, depression, anxiety, kidney failure, bladder issues and can also cause high blood pressure. I have experienced all of the symptoms listed above except for kidney failure, and feel so much better now that I have quit using Splenda as all my symptoms are continuing to resolve and I am getting better every day. I can’t thank my kids enough for looking out for their mom and now I want everyone to pass this along to educate everyone to what terrible things Splenda can do to your body as this has caused me great suffering, many doctor visits to try to find out what was wrong, many new medications and a lot of worry. Please repost to get the word out so that no one else has to suffer!

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You do realise that chlorine is added to drinking water to purify it and kill lethal pathogens in it in a far greater percentage than what is in sucralose. At times you can smell the chlorine in the water in this area of the country 9 North Georgia). Also, your stomach produces hydrochloric acid, which makes it possible for your body to break down all of that tofu you are eating. ...and, let's not forget good old sodium chloride...table salt, where would we be without that?

Splenda S.

Hello, Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are interested in learning more about your experience with SPLENDA®. We would like to speak with you directly to better assist you. Please call our customer care center at 1-800-777-5363 between the hours of 8AM and 8PM EST Monday through Friday. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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could aspertame cause itching

SPLENDA® Sweeteners ..

Hello. SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener does not contain aspartame. Aspartame is another no-calorie sweetener unrelated to sucralose. If you have any questions or concerns regarding aspartame, we recommend reaching out to the manufacturer. Thanks for stopping by!

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I too am distressed that so few, if any, diet sodas sweetened with Splenda are available . I have drunk diet sodas with aspartame for decades, and just recently have become aware of the plethora of serious health problems that might be caused by that sweetener. In fact, many of my own health problems appear to be connected to aspartame consumption. I have eliminated aspartame for a week, and use Splenda and water enhancers containing Splenda. I have increased mental clarity, mood elevation, cessation of muscle cramps, and lessening of headaches., to name a few benefits I will never go back to aspartame...but i miss the fizz and flavor of diet sodas. I know there are very many consumers who are looking for diet soda with Splenda. Is there any chance your company can reach out to CocaCola or RC or other big name soda manufacturer to consider adding a diet soda line with Splenda? Many filks on the internet are searching for such sodas.... Thanks.

. ..

Coca-Cola is now making diet coke sweetened with Splenda. Tracy

. ..

sodas with splenda probably will have to be more expensive than with aspatame; i do not mind paying more for splenda, but it should make economic sense for the manufactures ; alex

. ..

Thanks so much for the info on Splenda and it's ingredients . That puts my mind at ease knowing that it's not harmful to me , being a type two diabetic also . Their are many uneducated rumors in regards to the health effects of Splenda floating around out there . I've also been consuming it for quite awhile and swear by it . I finally talked my wife into using it in her blueberry pie as opposed to white granulated sugar , you literally could not tell the difference ! I was so happy ! I used it in my apple sauce and raspberry jam this fall . Definetly has a slight after taste , but for as a diabetic , it's a small price to pay and very dueable . Dave B . Dec. 8 2014

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I have used Splenda since 1998 ,even though it was not available in US, it could be purchased in Mexico. So on my travels on business there, I would bring some back. I have had zero problems and yes I am a diabetic. The taste is good too as well as you can cook with it. Coke does have a diet coke solely with Splenda here in the Houston area. Tariq

SPLENDA® Sweeteners ..

I have used Splenda for about 8 years, and I love it. I have never had any bad side effects from it. I have tried aspertame, and had to stop using it after about 2 months, I would be careful about aspertame poducts. Splenda is the only sweetner I will use and feel safe using.

. ..

My Mother is diabetic- in the past I would prepare her dishes separately. Since we've been using Splenda I enjoy her favorite foods too. It's also nice to note that when I make a yummy treat using Splenda that it doesn't cause tooth decay like sugar- Thanks

Guest A.

I have been trying to find a Diet Soda that is sweetened with Splenda and have not had any luck. I see where Pepsi One did have Splenda however that product has been discounted. Please help!

SPLENDA® Sweeteners ..

Diet Rite is a soda made with only splenda, I have used it for about 8 years and have never had any problems with it, it's nice to be able to drink a soda that does not make you gain weight, and no bad side effects.

Splenda S.

SPLENDA® sometimes partners with some diet sodas and other products. Currently we do not know of any sodas that use sucralose exclusively as its sweetener, but Diet Mountain Dew does use sucralose in addition to other sweeteners. We hope this information helps. Have a great day!

. ..

Never had any problems with Splenda! Cannot tell if my homemade apple pies are made with sugar or Splenda. Both taste the same. I'm a Type 2 dianetic and really hope more products were made with Splenda instead of Sorbitol, aqnd all the other "tols" as they produce gas in the human body. Thanks!

Desiree S.

Thanks so much for the information provided regarding the use of Splenda! I am a type 2 insulin dependent diabetic and have been for about 10 years. I use Splenda every day...first thing in the morning in coffee, sometimes in oatmeal. Someone mentioned to me that I should consider something else because long term use of Splenda is dangerous. I immediately researched it and found your information! Thanks so much and I will continue to use Splenda ! -Desiree

Anonymous S.

I quit diet coke more than 2 weeks ago, and have drink lots and lots of ice tea, with splenda, and hope it will not prove to be a problem with that much splenda, I have used it for years, but never to this extent!!!

Suzanne B.

I have drank ice tea with splenda for years.....I consume approx. 1 gallon + each and every day. I have had no bad effects from this. I also consume a lot of water each day. I pee alot but I would rather do that than have a lot of sugar in my system! I use 2 tsp. of splenda in each serving (32 oz.) of iced tea. I also use splenda on my oatmeal. I use a lot of splenda each day and have never worried that I am using too much. I hope this has helped you.


Does Splenda have an expiration date. I do not see any type of expiration date of the box.


There is no expiration date required on either SPLENDA® No Calorie Sweetener Granulated or Packet products. These products are very stable and can remain in your home for years without losing sweetness. However, they should be stored in a cool dry place to avoid moisture.

Anonymous S.

Send a recipe to me by email for refrigerator pickles made with splenda. please no pdf file. My computer can't open them thank you

Splenda S.

Thanks for the question! We don't currently have any recipes specifically for refrigerator pickles, but you can find our current pickle recipes at We hope this information helps!

Larry C.

Why aren't there a container of splender (like the packages) that we can spoon or pour. I cook alot and that would work better for me. Thanks, Larry

Splenda Sweeteners S.

That's a great idea, Larry. We will keep in mind that you would like to see a container that you can use to spoon or pour SPLENDA® in the future. In the meantime, you may be interested in our resealable bags of SPLENDA® sweetener. You can find more information about our products at Thanks for the comment, and have a great day!

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